Tools to playback and edit quarter- and 8th-tones in Finale:

quartertone template

Finale templates

8th-tone template

max stand alone app

max patch


I stopped using Finale and switched to Dorico which can play all microtones (even cents) native. 
I can recommend it to everybody although the switch is quite hard 😉 

Conductor (visual and acoustic programable metronome with network function) network synchronization 

Conductor Max Project

Network-Receiver for Mac and iOS

you’ll need to download Max 7 or later from cycling74 in oder to run the project
Unzip it and put the folder in your Max project folder. You don’t need an authorised version of max to run it and safe song presets.
I included a read-me file which should explain how the receiver works. If you have questions, let me know. 

Quartertone Keybord for iPhone (iOS) and android

Instructions how to use it, are in the “read me” file inside the app folder.

Quartertone Keyboard app

you’ll need to download the free app MobMuPlat from the app store

The app is still work in progress and not very self explaining. If you have questions about it, send me an email …


Another very useful app for the iOS and Android is the “Entonal Tuner”. You can build all kind of microtonal scales and play them.