Gratkowski interviewed by Jon Raskin (Berkeley CA 2010)

“Artikulationen E” for alto sax and live electronics
30min. of a concert at “Freistunde in der strengen Kammer” (Porgy & Bess) Vienna on June 28th 2012


CD excerpts:

“Trampoline” (Vermilion Traces by Gratkowski/Brown/Winant)


“Blonk” 4:00-4:32 (Spectral Reflections)


“Homage” 6:53-8:31 (Spectral Reflections)


“Loom” excerpt 1 (Spectral Reflections)


“Loom” excerpt 2 (Spectral Reflections)


“Fenster” 4:47-6:02 (Spectral Reflections)


“Spectral Reflections” ca 7:00-8:00 (Spectral Reflections)

Spectral Reflections

“Annäherungen” -2:04 (Kollaps)


“Spiel” -2:30 (Kollaps)


“Scherzo II” -1:10 (Kollaps)

“Scherzo II”

“Second Coming” 4:28-6:49 (Quicksand)

“Second Coming”

“Epitasis” -2:46 (Loft Exil) (score)


“Flume” -1:30 (The Flume Factor) (score)


“Three Vegetables for Double Happiness” -2:09 (The Flume Factor)

“Three Vegetables for Double Happiness”

“Blazing” -2:01 (Gestalten)


“Micaco” -2:08 (Artikulationen)