Gratkowski / Lapin / Gramss / Bledsoe “Unplugged Mind”

Frank Gratkowski (alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet)
Alexey Lapin (piano)
Sebastian Gramss (double bass, “spacebass”)
Helen Bledsoe (track 6) (flute)

Leo Records (LR 540)

1 Unplugged Mind (9:06)
2 Retain the Aspect (10:40)
3 Turn to (10:47)
4 In Harmony (4:19)
5 Voice Over the … (9:35)
6 Speak Silent (8:15)

Music by Frank Gratkowski (GEMA), Alexey Lapin, Sebastian Gramss (GEMA), Helen Bledsoe (GEMA)
published by Alissa Publishing / PRS
Recorded in MusikFabrik Studio (Cologne) with stereo pair of AKG C414
Recorded by Alexey Lapin
Painting by Matthew Makela
Artwork by Lora Denis
Produced by Alexey Lapin and Leo Feigin
Special thanks to Helen Bledsoe and Sasha Burov for arranging the meeting