Gratkowski / Tramontana “Instant Songs”

Frank Gratkowski (D) as, cl, bcl, cbcl
Sebi Tramontana ( I ) trombone

“Instant songs” might be the best way to describe what Sebastiano Tramontana and Frank Gratkowski play in their duo performances. The music is improvised but sounds very composed and each piece has it’s own unique character. Some of them have beautiful melodies, other include the voices of the players or using extended techniques like multiphonics and noise. Some are very romantic, some very abstract. But it’s all about the musical dialog and the instant composition of songs. What both player love in that duo is that the music is very different from the other projects they are involved in. Don’t miss the chance to hear them live!


upcoming concerts:

when where
17.11.2018 20:00h PlusEtage, Pastoor de Katerstraat 5-7
Gratkowski/Tramontana in Baarle-Nassau, NL
18.11.2018 20:30h Loft, Wissmannstr. 30
Gratkowski/Tramontana in Köln, DE
19.11.2018 20:00h Jazz in der Kammer,
Gratkowski/Tramontana in Magdeburg, DE
20.11.2018 19:30h Atelier Wandlungen, Bülowstraße 52, Remise im 3. Hinterhof
Gratkowski/Tramontana in Berlin, DE
21.11.2018 20:00h Uebel & Gefährlich – Turmzimmer, Feldstrasse 66
Gratkowski/Tramontana in Hamburg, DE
22.11.2018 20:00h Augenblick Optik, Ostertorsteinweg 61
Gratkowski/Tramontana in Bremen, DE
23.11.2018 20:00h Offene Ohren im MUG – Münchner Untergrund im Einstein Kultur, Einsteinstraße 42
Gratkowski/Tramontana in München, DE
24.11.2018 20:00h Zoglau3 – Raum für Musik,
Gratkowski/Tramontana in Taubenbach / Reut, DE



live @ Seidvilla, Munich