Frank Gratkowski Quartet

Frank Gratkowski (D) as, cl, bcl, cbcl, comp.
Wolter Wierbos 
(NL) trombone
Dieter Manderscheid 
(D) bass
Gerry Hemingway
 (USA) drums

I founded the “Frank Gratkowski Trio” in 1995 after I had played with both musicians in various formations (incl. Grubenklang Orchester and Klaus König Orchester). Since 2000 the trio is extended with the Dutch trombonist Wolter Wierbos to a quartet. In the music of the quartet, I am trying to form a synthesis of composition and improvisation where all instruments have equal functions to build a unified whole.

Beside several tours in Europe, the Quartet has been invited to the Vanvouver International Jazzfestival and the USA in 2002.


upcoming concerts

No upcoming concerts at the moment.


Trio CDs

“Gestalten” 1996 (Jazzhausmusik)
“The Flume Factor” 1998 (random acoustics)


Quartet CDs

“Kollaps” 2001 (Red Toucan Records)
“Spectral Reflections” 2003 (Leo Records)
“Facio” 2004 (Leo Records)
“Le Vent et la Gorge” 2012 (Leo Records)



Two Trio reviews from the Europe Tour in 1997
Trio at the ‘Tonic’ in New York City in October 2001
Quartet in Venice, Italy (November 2001)