Gratkowski / Brown / Winant

Frank Gratkowski (D) clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone
Chris Brown (USA) piano, live electronics
William Winant (USA) vibraphone, percussion

The main interest of the trio is the process of instant composing. As all musicians have the background in composition and improvisation they are able to compose pieces with a clear inner structure collectively on the fly. The listening audience can therefore attend to the process of the creation of the music. Besides clarinets, saxophone, piano and vibraphone, the trio is also including live processed interactive electronics and „classical“ percussion instruments like gongs, tam tams, bells and tympani. Sometimes the instruments are used with extended techniques to blend into a sound-world which makes it hard to tell who is playing what. As a start of their first European tour they performed at the „Donaueschinger Musiktage“ in Germany, which is the oldest and one of the most important festivals in the world for contemporary music. Before they where in the SWR Radio studio to record a new CD, which will be relased in October 2012 on Leo Records.


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Gratkowski / Brown / Winant “Wake”


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