Gratkowski / Kujala / Schick „Kuden“

Frank Gratkowski – saxophones, clarinets, flute
Veli Kujala – quarter-tone accordion
Ignaz Schick – turntables

All compositions by Gratkowski, Kujala, Schick (GEMA)
Recorded live at Klangspurenfestival Schwaz, Austria on September 17th 2021
Sound engineer: Michael Kogler
Production manager: Gerhard Sammer
Mixed and mastered 2022 by Wolfgang Stach, Maarwegstudio 2, Köln, Germany
Cover art and design by Markus Dorninger and Stefan Schönegg

Eine Aufnahme des Österreichischen Rundfunks (Radio Österreich 1).

„Kuden is a method of communicating information verbally in Japan. The word also refers to the knowledge of secret techniques traditionally passed on orally, be it from martial arts or from music and the performing arts. An apt title for this exceptional, non-arranged meeting of three musical experts who tell each other about the rich vault of their sound treasures in order to enrich it with something new through this musical dialogue, which is immediately passed on to the spellbound, amazed audience.“ – Reinhard Kager