The Voice Imitator(s)

Frank Gratkowski (alto saxophone, clarinet and bass clarinet)
Damon Smith (bass)
Jerome Bryerton (drums)

three character attacks:
1. photographers
2. the prince
3. profound and shallow

two instances of lible/one memory lapse:
4. increased (a)
5. increased (b)
6. impossible

all compositions by Gratkowski/Bryerton/Smith
Tracks 1-3 recorded live Oct. 10th, 2002 at 509 Cultural Center in San Francisco CA, USA
Tracks 4-6 recorded live Oct. 9th, 2002 at 21 Grand in Oakland CA, USA

liner notes

A penchant for the surge filled spaces, a drive to find that musical needle in a haystack–the search alone speaks volumes. The verve and wit required to spontaneously create a music that speaks from three hearts and blends three souls in the faith that countless ears will be melted by the phosphorescent output isn’t enough, not for these three. Here it also takes a slithering down into a sound press to squeeze fresh sonic juices.

It takes jumping around a playground, burning with playground fever, then stumbling over to the junkyard–for some junkyard fun for the whole family. As the creation flows it restfully and thankfully takes up residence at the inn of space and calm, each room equipped with an air filtering device which silently spews forth healing tones. Breathe, breathe, to breathe so fully, without anxiety…

Now fully oxygenated, the players fabricate layers of energy piled up like the layerings of a big burger gleefully gotten at a late night diner. Snap, crackle, pop–buzz, saw…the wild kingdom is eminently evident. Wonderful, its like nature brought home. These three sonic subversives blend and meld themselves into inventing a feeling I can only describe as being akin to that given off by floating ducks on a dry pond of hope.

That is a beautiful and faith filled image, an image that propels this music to resonate deeply for those who allow it into their inner sanctums, their inner ears, their inner chambers of existence…I allowed it, I welcomed it, it beckoned me, and I am enriched. Lets share the riches, always, to all, always.

John Lindberg 2/11/03