Frank Gratkowski vis-à-vis Misha Mengelberg

Frank Gratkowski (alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet)
Misha Mengelberg (piano)

Leo Records (LR 476)

1 geburtstags mix 4:36
2 gehackter preis mix 9:37
3 mix digestiv 13:03
4 mix vis à vis 16:18
5 mix fraktal 10:22
6 mix and match 13:56

All compositions by Gratkowski (GEMA) and Mengelberg (BUMA/STERMA)
Track 1-3 recorded live on June 16 2005 at the SWR Funkhaus Mainz by Alfred Habelitz and Winfried Christmann in coproduction with the SWR2 Redaktion Neue Musik/Jazz, Dr.Reinhard Kager
Track 4-6 recorded live on June 17 2005 at Loft, Köln, Germany by Wolfgang Stach
Mix and mastering by Wolfgang Stach
Front cover artwork by Hanns Schimansky
Produced by Frank Gratkowski & Leo Feigin

Special thanks to Hans Martin Müller, Hans-Jürgen von Osterhausen, Wolfgang Stach, Hans Schimansky, Agnes, Milena and Misha.

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