(Articulations) – solo music for alto saxophone and clarinets.

Frank Gratkowski has given solo performances since 1990. With his solo program, he was a 1991 prizewinner in the Musik Kreativ contest. The release of the solo CD “Artikulationen” followed the same year.

Since then he has continuously developed his solo work and has performed in various venues (jazz festivals, clubs, contemporary music festivals, art museums, art galleries, etc).

His music has been developed on the basis of improvisation, and it makes use of various resources. Formal processes, tone material and sound generation are used to create structural architecture, so that every piece has its own specific character.

One main component of the concept is the experimental exploration of the Instrument.

With his solo music, he has also looked for cooperation or meetings with other art forms such as painting, literature, sculpture, dance, film and multimedia projects.

Since 1999 he’s doing extended solo tours in the USA and Canada once a year.

See also Artiulationen E with live electronic.


upcoming concerts

No upcoming concerts at the moment.



Artikulationen 1991 (2nd Floor Edition)
Artikulationen II 2002 (2nd Floor Edition)
Artikulationen III 2023 (Improdimensija Records)



30 min. of a concert @ “studio loos” den haag, NL in 2009

Artikulationen NL09



Alto Saxophone Solo in Vilnius, Lithuania on February 7th 2024

Alto Saxophone Solo @ Spectrum NYC March 8th 2013

Bass Clarinet Solo @ I-Beam NYC Dec. 8th 2014